The Rich Family's life in the Cate House
58 South Main Street
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Home of David, Merrill, Becky, Ben Rich & Muriel Rich Litchfield - 1978 - 1991

Home made playground behind the Cate House.
I made this mini playground with swing, trapeze, balance beam, climbing rope and seesaw.
That's Becky on the beam with some friends.
The tree to the right held one end of a "trolly" that you hung on to and rode to the next tree on the connecting wires.

A small area behind the house was fenced to give our dog a safe run.
In that yard was also a large rectangular trampoline.
With a 1.5 acre plot, we were able to have neighbors, team and troop members over for games,
baseball & soccer practice, Scout compass games & campfire cooking.
Further downfield we had a 50' x 150' garden that we shared with neighbors.
At the very end was a little woodsy thicket, place of mysterious adventures.

Dean, BEcky & Bobn on our Pacer-Mat tramppoline.
Dean Starrett, sister Nancy's son, enjoying our trampoline with Becky & Ben.

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