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From Brewster Academy (Class of 1956) I went to Plymouth Teachers College in Plymouth, NH as a member of the Class of 1960. During my two years there I was elected treasurer of the class and was active in many organizations including the Christian Association, the Student Education Association and the Model United Natiions Assembly.

At the time PTC didn't have a school store where things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry, etc could be purchased. The Class of 1960 got permission to start a small store and set up in a small display case to the right of the front door out of Mary Lyon Hall. The only thing I have left from that store is this tie clip.

Tie clip from the Class of 1960 store in 1958.

After those two years of wonderful, intense activity, I found myself exhausted and elected to take some years off. I returned in 1962 and completed my BEd. as a member of the Plymouth State College Class of 1964 and went on to teach Social Sciences and Math in middle schools for a few years.

Dave Rich graduation photo: Class of 1964. Plymouth State College.

Plymouth Teachers College Model United Nations Assembly - 1958
I was co-chair of the Model U.N. Assembly this year.
I.R.C. = International Relations Committee

P.T.C. United Nations Assembled - 1958
Student Model United Nations in Session - 1958

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