Dave on "Lucky"

About 1950

Dave on our pinto Lucky

The horse was "Lucky" and that was maybe 65 pounds of me about 1950. We'd had a couple of horses before her but they were too big or too spirited for my younger sister and me. Lucky was a retired pinto quarter horse who was "kid wise." Many times we would go out into the pasture, lead her to a rock or stone wall, grab the mane and hop on. No saddle or bridle needed. Push the side of her neck and she would turn, a little kick in the ribs would up the speed, a simple "whoa" or pull on the mane would slow or stop her. I would wrap my legs around her and trot, canter, gallop, even do small jumps. She was smooth as silk. I don't remember ever falling off. A grooming and a lump of sugar or a carrot cemented our bond. To this day I can feel the wind in my hair.

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