Becky Rich Bagging at Titusville Publix in 2000

Becky bagging at the Titusville Publix Super Market in 2000.

This picture, and the text below, appeared in the Publix Super Markets 2000 Calendar.

BECKY RICH enjoys working with people at her job with Publix. A former resident of New Hampshire, she represented her state in gymnastics at the International Special Olympics in 1987, bringing home gold and bronze medals. Becky loves to travel to historical sights, museums and amusement parks. At home she is a member of the Kiwanis Aktion Club of Titusville. The 25 year old enjoys reading and writing stories. The oldest of two, Becky lives with her parents in Titusville.
PUBLIX of Titusville is one of many businesses that are open to hiring people with disabilities. Becky Rich has been with this store for two years. In hiring her, PUBLIX did not have to adjust the job requirements as Becky was able to perform her job as well as her co-workers. Todays young adults with Down syndrome have more job opportunities available to them because of increased public awareness of their abilities. They aspire to be full members of society just as everyone else does.

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